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Name: Joan

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Other Characters Played: n/a

Series: Team Fortress 2

Character: BLU Pyro/Emily O'Donnell

Timeline: The summer of 1970, a few months after CTP

Personality: Pyro ('E', as she calls herself) is a woman who is very much the product of her environment. When not on the battle field, she's a pretty laid back kind of person who takes most things in stride. She's content to relax after work with a beer and some good tunes, either provided by the radio, or on her guitar. She loves to laugh, and to mess with people's heads, because hey, why not? She's pretty open minded for a person who grew up in the 1950s.

She's rough around the edges, however. Most people for her time tended to be surprised by her lack of decorum (swearing, mostly, and how she holds herself), and just how frank she could be if pressed. She despises drama and likes to 'cut through the bullshit', and can be stubborn to a fault, at times. She favours logical arguments to emotional ones, and won't hesitate to tell someone to harden up should they use emotional appeals to get on her good side.

On the battle field, she's prone to using brute force to achieve her goals. Offense is her speciality, and she's very, very good at it. Although she tries to be clever about it, more often than not she'd prefer to light you on fire (or punch you in the face) as opposed relying on trickery. It's just not her style. Cutting through the bullshit, remember?

Background: Born in 1941, E is, as mentioned, is the product of her environment. Daughter of two immigrants and having grown up in a middle-class, typical American home, Emily had life pretty well made. She had best friends, a younger brother, and was in college, majoring in art - her dream was to go to France to be an artist. Life was, for the most part, pretty damn perfect.

But the 1950's was a time of general unrest lying underneath all of the 'perfect' people built up for themselves. Dynamics of gender and race were slowly starting to change. Emily, although discouraged, would learn more about feminism and gender roles through her best friend, Mary, and would continue to press on about it through her short time at college.

While in college, her brother died in a freak car accident; her parents, grief stricken and worried about their little girl and now only child, became too overbearing. For her part, E couldn't get over her brothers death. Her grades began to slip, and she began cutting classes, and hanging around a local group of bikers. The constant pressure of her mourning, her family, and her college life became too much, and at the age of 19, she dropped out of college. E ran away with Mary and some of their classmates, enamoured by the carefree lifestyle of musicians of bikers of the age.

It was a hard decision. Life wasn't easy on single, young women: the jobs were scarce, the harassment was everywhere, and sometimes you found yourself in a situation where you had to fight to survive. Emily and her friends got by doing temporary jobs, and petty theft. E's favourite jobs involved arson. There was something liberating about watching a small flame consume so much. Over time, she became especially crafted at it, learning the subtle nuances of fire control for fun and profit. It saved their lives more than once.

Time went on, and they travelled across the States, eventually acquiring bikes of their own, looking for places to fit in. Eventually, they settled in San Francisco, where Emily found a job at a local tattoo parlour. Money came in, but it still wasn't enough.

The girls began resorting to bigger 'jobs', risking jailtime (and possibly their lives) for money. By this point, E was seen as a makeshift leader of the group, but she didn't want to get involved, being okay where she she was. But things, as always, change.

There was a big job coming up, and they needed someone with a bit of expertise. The girls begged E to get involved, as they needed someone who was handy with flame. Reluctantly, E complied, and took a leave of absence at her job to go and assist.

Hell broke loose. The job was a set-up, and as the building burned, the cops were right on the girl's heels. E, cursing her luck and the girls eagerness for money, took full responsibility for the job with the stipulation that the others were to be released. When it came time for her to defend herself, her attorney urged her to plead insanity, as 'the courts are more likely to take it easy on you since you're a woman'. The plan backfired, and E found herself claimed criminally insane, and was sentenced to 20 years in a women's mental hospital in the Midwest for her crimes.

A few months later, however, she'd meet with a certain representative from a certain demolition company offering her freedom if she took the job they offered. And that's where it all began...

Her first base was a weird one, and she had many wacky encounters - some just plain silly, some deadly serious. But she was good at her job, and was transferred to another base shortly afterwards. It was a hell of a ride at the second base - friendships and heartbreaks like - and E decided she had enough it all. In the end, she left the job, her contract fulfilled - there were other places to be.

But even E doesn't know how she wound up with a new contract for the opposing team, or why she finds herself back in the business again...

Abilities/Additional Notes: As per her job, she's well trained in controlling, using, and fighting fire. She knows a small bit of chemistry to do minor things like change the colour of flames, make it bigger/smaller, and so on. She's also pretty strong, and can engage in fisticuffs if need be to protect herself. She's adapt at close/mid-range fighting, but certainly not long range.

On the civilian side, she's a tattoo artist, and quite good at it. She can also draw/illustrate very well. She speaks French as an additional language.
Items Arriving With: The clothes on her back (hair tie, tank top, jeans, combat boots)

Her Pyro equipment (suit/gasmask, flamethrower, axe, and shotgun)

Her guitar/case

General art supplies/sketchbook

Advocate Note: Nope!

Sample Journal Post:
[Video, accidential]

[A women groans from her place on a strange bed, and places a hand on her head. After a moment, she slowly sits up, revealing a tall, muscular form, her upper body covered in tattoos.]

The hell...?

[She looks around, raising an eyebrow. She adjusts her tanktop and rubs her hands on her jeans awkwardly, chuckling.]

How drunk was I last night?

[Rubbing her neck, she slides off this unknown bed, and looks around, frowning - until she spies her stuff sitting in a sloppy pile near her]

Well, shit. [laughs] At least I'm not back there.

[With a grin, she shambles towards her belonging, eager to make sure everything is still intact. Suddenly-]

Why's my suit blue?

Sample RP: This:
and this:

These are some of my favourite logs, and I feel they are really indicitave of E's personality.


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