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ooc: character relation chart

Canon Bros
E's relationships with her fellow 2fort-ians.
[personal profile] notintehkitchen
RED, and fellow Pyro. So far, this one seems pretty decent. Not much is known about her at the moment, except that she's from Japan, so that's cool.
[personal profile] hasstandards
RED Sniper. He helped her out when she arrived in Paradise, but was kind of a dick about it. E's not sure if this is due to him actually being a dick, or because's she a BLU. Nope, he's just a dick.
[personal profile] prpl_assistant
E knows she's here, but they haven't actually met yet. She's got quite a few questions for her when they get around to talking, though...

Cross-Canon Bros
Relationships with the weirdos not from her world.
[personal profile] otherbrother
It's a talking bird. She's not sure what to make of that. But he seems polite enough!
[personal profile] drummerhedgehog
A talking hedgehog - who is also a DJ at Paradise's radio station! E seemed to hit it off really quickly with him (they spoke about music). Seems like a neat guy, species aside.